Self drilling screws, various special screws, bolts, cold formed precision parts, various tools and molds for cold formed fasteners.

Basic Philosophy

Basic Philosophy

Development and progress of information and engineering technologies in the recent years have made the world smaller and smaller inevitably removing barriers of borders. Truly, technical advancement in the last 50 years is more than what mankind has accomplished in its long history of several hundreds to several thousands of years.

All kinds of technical innovations taking place around us are causing radical changes of our daily living, social environments as well as of industrial productions eventually proliferating senses of values of individuals.

MIYAGAWA has always been looking for such quickly changing current trends and rendering unceasing R&D endeavors with investment of manpower and facilities.

This basic company policy will continue. In addition, I believe what is required of MIYAGAWA at this time is to analyze the market demands of the short and long term spans and to reorganize the corporate structure so that it can quickly respond to such fast changing trends in the most dynamic and effective manner.

So, “human resources” will become more and more important.

Days when specialists who can only devote their services to confined fields are definitely over. They must be prepared for various creative activities in harmony and in balance with their colleagues. I believe only by this the corporate can be activated as one united organic body.

<Harmony between human and technology>
This is the MIYAGAWA’s company motto in the new Millennium Years.

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