Self drilling screws, various special screws, bolts, cold formed precision parts, various tools and molds for cold formed fasteners.


About us

Are your products available only in Japan?

No, MIYAGAWA’s products are seen all over the world.


Our product range and sizes

What size can you manufacture in thickness and length?

Normally the ranges are 2.0mm to 24mm in diameter and 3mm to 400mm in length. However, please contact us for oversized items.

What kind of material do you handle?

Mainly we manufacture stainless steel products, but we also have great experience in processing carbon steel, titanium etc.

What is the main territory your products are commonly used in?

We don’t mean to restrict our business territory, so our products are accepted in various industries such as automobile, construction, home appliances, light electrical appliances etc.


Use of products

What is the maximum thickness of plates can we drill with self drilling screw?

It depends on condition and application, so our PRODUCTS GUIDE(Unfortunately, Japanese version only) may tell some recommendation regarding self drilling screws. Please contact us for further information.



SUS 410 stainless steel self drilling screw rusted.

In general, stainless steel is said to be a steel alloy with a minimum of 12% chromium content by mass. That is because stainless steel shows significant difference of improvement in corrosion resistance by passivation at 12% of chromium.However, in fact 87% of SUS 410 is iron and the state of passivation may be lost according to environmental condition. Please contact us for we may be able to offer solutions correspond to such unique environments.

Self drilling screw doesn’t drill properly.

There are many possible reasons for the phenomenon, so please inform us the detailed conditions, which items of self drilling screw you used and detailed phenomenon(walking of point, slow drilling etc.).

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